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GCB Falconry & Pest Solutions Ltd Managing director is Gino Belmonte who created the business off the back of a lifelong passion for Falconry. He flew, trained, reared, bread, hunted and displayed Birds of prey from the tender young age of 8. Having volunteered in many falconry centres every spare minute he build up a deep understanding and desire for this ancient craft.

The diversity of this business means you will sometimes catch Gino at a wedding with his Owl ring bearers dressed to impress and be seen or dressed in camouflage hidden carrying out his pest control.

After much success on the field in Rugby union and joining the Armed forces as a REME Recovery mechanic, Gino sort to begin his own venture in Falconry and Pest Control. Gaining his BPCA/ RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management qualification the business began.

The initial desire was to create a business around Falconry with displays in mind. This is still the roots of the business but expansion has lead to utilising Birds of prey to their full extent. Bird control with Birds of prey is an environmentally successful means of control on sites such as Hospitals, Schools, Landfills, Shopping centres, Airfields, Sports stadium and so on.

This venture required a pest control qualification that allows GCB Falconry & Pest Solutions to cover all pests from Wasps and woodworm to Moles, Rabbits and Rats.

Many target audiences have called upon GCB Falconry & Pest Solutions and have always been impressed.


Our Falconry Ethos

“4000 year old craft of Falconry harnessed for you to feel at one with nature and that all important element, Air!”



Our Pest Solutions Ethos

“We always look to utilise the most natural methods of control first before resorting to Pesticides, Rodenticides and Chemicals”


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