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Pest Solutions

Deterrents, preventions, eradications and exterminations all covered with GCB Falconry & Pest Solutions




Our Services Include

Wildlife Management

Pest control is not always about eradicating pests. Many situations can be resolved with deterrents and education.

Protected species management requires careful and professional assessment. With our ecology knowledge, GCB Falconry and Pest Solutions will find a legal solution to achieve the end goal.

To date we have experience in the following:

  • Ground nesting bird mitigation
  • Badger management
  • Bat management
  • Crested newt management
  • Dormouse management
  • Birds (including cirl bunting in parts of Devon and Cornwall)
  • Reptiles
  • We abide by relevant Regulations and Government Acts at all times
Seagulls, Pigeons and Crows

We have many solutions in our toolbox to deter, prevent and mitigate pest birds species whether it be seagull colonies nesting spreading disease or pigeons causing havoc in the workplace.

We currently have experience in the following:

  • Creating territories with our birds of prey
  • Installing netting, spikes and other prevention methods such as lasers, gels and shocks
  • Fully insured for shooting where safe and legal
  • We always abide with current UK legislation and guidelines

From monitoring to fumigation, we look to treat and prevent future infestations.

We specialise in the following:

  • Wasp nest removal and wasp control
  • Hornet control
  • Honey Bee relocation
  • Flies
  • Moths
  • Flea control
  • Ant control
  • Carpet beetles
  • Grain beetles
  • Biscuit beetle
  • Death Watch beetle
  • Furniture Beetle
  • Ground beetle
  • Larder beetle
  • Longhorn beetle
  • Plaster beetle
  • Spider beetle
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Bedbugs
  • Woodworm and wood boring insects
  • Silverfish
  • Fumigations
  • Insect prevention and monitoring

GCB provide solutions in all environments, domestic and commercial for all rodent control utilising live trapping, lethal trapping, rodenticide baiting, exclusion work, future and current proofing, impact rat control with trained dogs for sites such as food waste storage.

We specialise in the following:

  • Red squirrel (protected)
  • Grey squirrel
  • Eurasian beaver (protected)
  • Hazel dormouse (protected)
  • Edible dormouse (protected)
  • Bank vole (protected)
  • Skomer vole (protected)
  • Field vole (protected)
  • Common vole (protected)
  • Guernsey vole (protected)
  • Orkney vole (protected)
  • Water vole (protected)
  • Harvest mouse (protected)
  • Wood mouse
  • Yellow-necked mouse
  • House mouse
  • Brown rat
  • Black rat
Mole control

We mainly perform these services at sports grounds, ornamental gardens, farms utilising our trained technicians skills to keep your mole population under control.

Fun Fact!

Moles work on a 4 hour on/4 hour off basis and 40 mole hills can be just one mole! This is due to their territorial nature. They also breed in and around early Spring.

Rabbit control

Did you know that land owners are obliged to abide by the Pests Act (1954). An Act to make further provision with respect to the destruction and control of rabbits.

We have many methods to ensure you are compliant:

  • Night and day shooting
  • Impact control with trained dogs
  • Ferreting with nets
  • Trapping both live and lethal
  • Multi-catch trapping

We specialise in the following, both protected and vermin. Always abiding by current legislation:

  • Wildcat – Felis silvestris (N)
    • Feral cat – Felis catus (F)
  • Red fox – Vulpes vulpes (N)
  • Badger – Meles meles (N)
  • Otter – Lutra lutra (N)
  • Pine marten – Martes martes (N)
  • Stoat – Mustela erminea (N)
  • Weasel – Mustela nivalis (N)
  • Polecat – Mustela putorius (N)
    • Feral ferret – Mustela furo (F)
  • American mink – Neovison vison (I)
Deers and Boars

We specialise in the following, always abiding by current legislation:

  • Wild boar – Sus scrofa (N)
  • Red deer – Cervus elaphus (N)
  • Sika deer – Cervus nippon (I)
  • Fallow deer – Dama dama (I)
  • Roe deer – Capreolus capreolus (N)
  • Chinese water deer – Hydropotes inermis (I)
  • Reeves’ muntjac deer – Muntiacus reevesi (I)

Natural Solutions

Proofing, netting, barriers and spikes

Installing netting and spikes to prevent unwanted pests, particularly pigeons and seagulls from roosting, perching and nesting on and in premises.

Our installers are well equipped and experienced to ensure installation is completed in a discreet and respectful manner.

Birds of prey

Bird control with Hawks and Falcons securing their territory at your site keeping pest bird species at bay!

We start building our territory with an overloading period to establish our hawks and falcons as a resident threat and then aim to reduce visits yet maintain our territory effectively.


Ideal for clearing out rabbit warrens. 

We can utilise this control method in our armoury from September to March.

This is a highly effective method of control to reduce population and disrupt breeding before Spring.

Our ferrets are trained and are allowed to use their natural instinct in order to achieve the desired result.


Trapping is very effective when carried out effectively in the correct and legal manner. Reducing the risk of harm to non target species.

Services we provide with trapping are internal and external:

  • Live trapping
  • Lethal trapping
  • Multi-catch
  • Ongoing trapping
  • Always abiding by the Humane Trapping Standards Regulations, 2019.



Fully insured and experienced in day and night shooting of pests as an impact control method.

All of our shoots are surveyed and risk assessed, prior to work being carried out.

Fully Trained Dogs

Our canine companions assist and complete many impact control jobs such as:

  • Waste disposal sites for rats
  • Rabbit control
  • Bed bug detection

Chemical Solutions

Chemical Solutions


Our technicians are fully qualified to administer pesticides in order to control pests although we do prefer this method to be one of our last resorts.


Our technicians are fully qualified to administer rodenticides in order to control pests although we do prefer this method to be one of our last resorts.

Other chemicals

Our technicians are fully qualified to administer other chemicals in order to control pests although we do prefer this method to be one of our last resorts.

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