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Covid-19 Fogging

With the use of a ULV machine, we can now treat large spaces with a suitable disinfectant spray which can reduce the risk of Coronavirus and many others such as Norovirus.

It is applied to the affected rooms/areas in a ‘mist’ like application. The disinfectant particles are suspended within the air and will disperse to all areas of the room. There are no residual effects so a deep clean is not
required once the particles have settled.

A small exclusion time of 1-2 hours would be needed after treatment, depending on the size of the treated area. All associated waste would be treated and correctly disposed of to stop further contamination by.

Provisions must be made for temporary covering or disabling sprinkler systems/fire systems detectors.

The treatments are surveyed and priced on a area calculation.
Works can be performed out of hours to cause minimal disruption to trade.

Our prices are based per cubic/square meter of space. Call now for your quotation!

One off and regular fogging services.

Quote based on sq/m and frequency of treatment.

Price reductions on routine Fogging and large premises

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reduce your cleaning with a weekly fogging virus neutralizing treatment!

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