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Bird Control

Deterrents, preventions, eradications and exterminations all covered with GCB Falconry & Pest Solutions

Pigeon Solar Panel Proofing


Quick and easy solution to pest bird species seeking harbourage underneath solar panels is our damage free solar guard system.

Offering a universal service removing debris and nesting materials, full roof clean and guard installation can be completed by GCB.

Whether the solar panels be on the roof of your domestic home or installed on your commercial premises we can complete the work in any envrionment.

Our technicians are IPAF Certified to operate all access machinery such as cherry pickers, scissor lifts and other MEWPs. 

Please contact us to arrange your survey

Seagull Netting

Seagull netting is a highly effective prevention installation to protect your premises from gull colonies nesting on and damaging your building.

Our technicians are experienced in many installation projects to ensure your pest prevention addition is installed as discreetly and professionally as possible.

For a long lasting prevention method Seagull Netting could be the answer to all your gull problems!

We also offer an ongoing matainance service to ensure your netting remains effective for its life span.

Breaking the habit of pest bird colonies such as seagulls is acheived by calling for your survey today!

Working Covid Safely

GCB are following the latest current UK government guidelines with regards to working Covid safely.

We are currently doing the following:

Wearing appropriate PPE on premises

Observing social distancing

Pre survey and pre treatment COVID questions to keep client and technician safe

Obiding by all current UK Government COVID guidelines

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